Frequently Asked Questions

How do our products compare to the competition?

Our X-Sight products have very significant advantages over competing ones. They have many standard features, some of which are optional in other products. Our products are optimized for performance and ease-of-use so that you can efficiently and quickly perform your imaging studies. They have higher dynamic range, because they all (including cardiac products) store 10 bits (vs. 8 bits) of data. With the dual-room interface, they can be time-shared between two rooms, allowing you to further maximize your return on investment. Just as important, our products are generally much more affordable. "To see is to believe", so we encourage you to contact us for a demonstration.

Which and what types of cameras or sensors can the X-Sight products operate with?

Our products are designed with a lot of built-in flexibility so they can be interfaced with many types of cameras (analog, CCD, low/high resolution) and sensors (flat panels) with relative ease. Frequently, our customers determine the specific cameras that will be used with our products. Currently, we support the Thales TH8730 & TH8740, Raysis(Vieworks) RCMF1005C, Siemens Videomed H, Syracuse Scientific SS750/SS761/SS762, Lakeshore SS960, and Adimec MX12P cameras. We are working to include various flat panel sensors on our growing camera support list. Please contact the factory regarding your special camera requirements.

I like to get a better idea how the X-Sight products operate. How can I do that?

There are two ways you can do that. One way is to contact the factory or your nearest authorized dealer to arrange for a demonstration of an actual X-Sight product. The other way is to request the X-Sight demo software using the Info Request section of this website. Designed to run on most high-performance Windows-based (NT, 2000, XP) personal computers, the demo software is interactive and has the same "look, feel, and function" as the actual X-Sight products. It will give you a good idea how the X-Sight products operate. However, please keep in mind that the performance and functionality of the demo software will be highly dependent on the computer you will be using.