STI offers a variety of accessories that work seamlessly with its X-Sight digital products and allow us to provide customized solutions for all types of installations. The following listing describes only a small sample of offered accessories. We can also provide other cameras, image intensifiers, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and upgrade kits. For a more complete list, please contact us.
SS960 CCD Camera 1024x1024 @ 30 fps, 12-bit output, 66 dB SNR, LVDS interface, gamma correction, AGC, auto black, pixel and dark level correction
25mm Rodenstock lens Lens for SS960 camera
35mm Rodenstock lens Lens for SS950 camera
Low profile Rodenstock lens Lens for SS960 camera for direct mount to II
Low profile optical system Rodenstock lens for SS960 camera with auto iris and light measuring system
Motorized rotator Rotator for low profile Rodenstock lens
Auto iris control circuit and cable Control electronics and cable for auto iris in low profile Rodenstock lens
Rotator servo circuit Control electronics for motorized rotator
Scan converter Video output at 525/60 interlaced, 625/50 interlaced, 1049/60 interlaced, or 1249/50 interlaced
Auto iris kitIris assembly, cable, and control circuit for up to 16 programmable positions
Special mounting adapter Available versions for Siemens, Picker, Shimadzu, and Toshiba equipment
Video ABC interface board Auto brightness control circuit
PMT HV power supply and integrator PMT high voltage power supply and phototimer integrator
Image distributor Right angle single port image distributor with collimating lens and light pickup assembly for Thales, Siemens, or Toshiba image intensifier tubes